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Opening reception Friday, September 16, 7 - 10 p.m.

Gallery Guidara

Zhou B Art Center (Basement)

1029 W. 35th St. Chicago, IL

(Free parking*)

Please join me Friday, September 16, for the opening reception of The Surreal McCoy at Zhou B Art Center. The reception is part of Zhou B’s regular Third Friday open house where artists throughout the four-story building open their studios to the general public. If you've never been to Zhou B before, people are friendly and you get to see a lot of cool art free of charge.

*Note: The free parking is directly to the east of Zhou B Art Center. The road’s a little rough, but you can park all the way back between Zhou B and the buildings to the east. You can enter the art center from the front or the rear. Also, parking can usually be found on the side streets north of 35th St.

Hope to see you there!


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