Volume 1 of David's two-volume collection of plays, "When the Walls Have Ears and Other Plays," has finally been published! The book contains five plays which have been produced in Chicago; London; Edinborough, Scotland; and elsewhere. The contents of this volume are: When the Walls Have Ears, The Playactor, Trance, In Memory of Edgar Lutzen, and CAST; with a bonus introduction by director Julio Maria Martino. The book is beautifully printed on high-quality paper. 407 pages of reading (or acting) pleasure! A personally inscribed copy can be yours for only $20 plus $5 shipping and handling. This first limited edition is sure to become a collector's item, so act now. Contact David at hauptschein@ameritech.net. Payment can be made via Zelle, Paypal, or personal check.

When the Walls Have Ears and Other Plays

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For those of you who are tired of living in cyberspace, then David’s new book Altered Ego: Self-Portraits is the antidote you’ve been craving. Nothing can replace the tactile experience of holding a real-life, three-dimensional book. It has heft – you can cradle it in your lap, flip through the pages, even sniff it. Best of all, the cover of Altered Ego is cool and velvety to the touch. Then of course there are the visual delights: 108 of David’s digitally painted self-portraits, carefully sequenced and beautifully reproduced.


The book is $30 + $5 shipping and handling in the U.S. If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact David at hauptschein@ameritech.net.

Altered Ego: Self-Portraits

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The Mask Behind the Mask

David Hauptschein’s first book of pictures, is now available in a limited edition of 50, signed and numbered. The book represents the culmination of several years of work on a unique style of picture-making, best described as photo-based digital painting. It is a softback (8” x 10”) containing 44 gorgeous color reproductions, printed on premium paper with a luster finish. The price of the book is $50 + $5 shipping and handling, and is only available directly from David Hauptschein. If you’re interested, please email Hauptschein for payment information at hauptschein@ameritech.net.