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Alchemy-Front Cover (2000px wide).jpg

An Alchemy of Flesh

A mind-bending, noirish thriller where personalities split, and where the Peeping Tom at your window looks uncannily like yourself.

Breakdown and Out.jpg

Breakdown and Out

In the midst of a family crisis, ex-con con artist Carl appears and attempts to help his former girlfriend Carmen cope with her paralyzing agoraphobia by teaching her how to go out of body.



Set in what appears to be a mental institution, a patient-doctor relationship breaks down, reverses, and then the two characters subjugate themselves to the authoritative commands of a recorded voice.

In Memory of Edgar Lutzen.jpg

In Memory of Edgar Lutzen

In the year 1905, Sweden's most acclaimed painter, Edgar Lutzen, becomes obsessed with alchemy, and is beset by jealousy and paranoid visions that cause his marriage and life to unravel.


The Ballad of Johnny 5 Star

Suspicious that his wife is having an affair with rock ‘n’ roll wannabe Johnny 5 Star, "Limo Kip" employs a private eye whose investigations unleash a chain of events that force Kip to stare down his own inner self.

The Gurney.jpg

The Gurney

Clifford’s brother Wesley has disappeared, and when Clifford enters Wesley’s apartment to investigate, he discovers that a bizarre woman, who speaks a strangely poetic, broken English, has moved in.

The Persecution of Arnold Petch.jpg

The Persecution of Arnold Petch

The central character of this drama is a man with an extraordinary persecution complex, whose worst fears, paradoxically, may in fact be coming true.

The PlayActor.jpg

The Playactor

A twisted, comic drama about the first face-to-face encounter between Charlie, a pathological liar, and Margo, an ingenuous young woman with whom he has become enmeshed in a passionate internet romance.



With Hauptschein's trademark kitchen sink surrealism, the subconscious bubbles over in this spine-tingling reimagination of the Manson family murders.

When the Walls - Front Cover.jpg

When the Walls Have Ears

A multi-layered drama in which a woman possessed by fears that she has been abducted and implanted insinuates herself into the Kratzki household, with devastating results.

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