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Book Review “An Alchemy of Flesh and Other Plays.” Windy City Reviews 2023

Another rave for “An Alchemy of Flesh and Other Plays.” from 2023 written by Catherine Marcroft. @windycityreviews

“thought out, and give full credit to the life each has had up to the point where we meet them. We have every incentive to gather the clues and catch up. I do believe these plays will stand the test of time. Well done.

The plays included in this book are:

An Alchemy of Flesh

The Persecution of Arnold Petch

The Gurney

The Ballad of Johnny 5 Star (co-written with David Vlcek)

Breakdown and Out

Each of these stories is unapologetically theatrical, absolutely intended for the stage.

There is room for everyone involved to make their mark, exciting decisions to be made

by every theatre artist involved in every production element, and very juicy characters

that actors can grow into with every performance. "

Purchase your own copy of "An Alchemy of Flesh and Other Plays.”


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