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“Doomscapes and the Digital Beyond”

ARC Gallery Exhibition review by New City Magazine - featuring David Hauptschein's HAUPTScene

“Interestingly, and perhaps appropriately for a show about the implications of civilization’s end, representations of humans are almost entirely absent from the exhibition. Aside from a lone, VR-masked man in “The Wilderness 080752” by Russ Thompson, the faintly ridiculous, AI-generated figures in David Hauptschein’s “Self Portrait #1085” are the only members of our species in evidence.”

“Doomscapes and the Digital Beyond” @arcgallery

Thank you @k.a.letts for including my artwork in the article!

“Self-Portrait 1-29-24” and a remarkably filled exhibition was on display at ARC Gallery, in the spring of 2024.

“The mood of “Doomscapes and the Digital Beyond” is surprisingly buoyant though, given its grim premise. Resilient as ever, these creatives are deeply engaged in inventing a new visual language that expresses the possibility as well as the peril of our digitized, interfaced, networked and algorithmic, post-human future.”

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